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Friday, October 21, 2016

212 years of treason: who knew?

On Facebook, a new meme from The 2016 Committee (a vanity website set up by John Philip Sousa IV to push Ben Carson for President)- crawled out of the gutter after the last presidential debate:

And the Facebook trolls were ready. One Jack Crosswell, who posted the meme, commented,
Excellent question. Hillary loads up with expensive jewelry but can seem to allow herself to wear an American flag... She's just shameful. She hasn't even worn one any any of her debates!
("any any" is in the original).

Other added their bits:
Duke Yontz She's not American 
Danny Proctor Short answer, THE HILDA BEAST is not a true American in her corrupt rotten heart and neither is anyone willing to vote for the skank! 
Ricky Parks She sold her soul to the devil !! 
Charlotte Elizabeth Widell I wrote a post on this during the first debate. She's a crooked lying wench!!!! 
Darlene A. Bass Because is is sucking up to foreign government 
Mark Mora Difference between Donald and Hillary Donald has American flags at his R alleys where crooked hillary HAS NO FLAGS AT ALL 
...Darlene A. Bass Ignorant. People born everyday. No need of getting into a peeing contest with a skunk.  
...Geneva Riggs I wear mind proudly,. I don't give a rat's A$$#$$ ABOUT someone's taxes. How many of you will coment on hear say you go to file your taxes and ask them to make sure they take all they can from you. We all finds ways not to pay no more than we have to. Soooo rich people have more loop holes than we do Jeff Jones
Darlene A. Bass Amen ! Ain't going to listen to the disrespect of our Military 
...Darlene A. Bass If you do Not want to wear an American Flag pin, then don't. That is up to you. I choose to proudly wear one. Donald Trump wears the American Flag pin because he Loves America. Hillary Clinton wears a Hillary pin because she loves Hillary. Some people like to build their house in sinking sand. A strong foundation is great. Our founding fathers made a strong foundation and it was not in sinking sand
Here's President Reagan's official portrait, the one that hangs in the White House for all time:

Here's a link to all the official portraits of his predecessors and successors, as if What Would Ronald Reagan Do? isn't question- and answer- enough. George W. Bush's is the first one with a lapel flag.

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