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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Stuff I read today: October 22, 2016

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“17 days to go...and the number of episodes aired of Joanie Loves Chachi, the former sitcom starring Republican convention speaker Scott Baio,” The Guardian helpfully reports.

-Donald Trump told a 2007 audience hot teen women are, to him, like scotch set before an alcoholic. Add that to his claim that not getting an STD in the 1970s was his Vietnam. Mrs Trump must have the prenup from hell.

-Even with their failed voter suppression law, and rejiggering of polling places to reduce numbers and hours, NC Republicans are seeing a big swing to the Ds in early voting. One assumes this will be adduced as proof the election is being rigged, notwithstanding the iron republican control of the state board of elections, and all one hundred county boards.

-Crowdfunded IVF campaigns, and pregnancy tontines are part of the New Morality, now that evangelicals have come to see Mr Trump as God’s anointed.

-Florida Republicans now have another environmental triumph on their watch: the rise of the flesh-eating screw worm.

-Tech guru Seth Godin has called my entire worldview into question.

-“Dystopia offers a fantasy of those very aspects of masculinity that feminists supposedly condemn becoming crucial in a scenario in which you must not get torn apart by raiders from the bunker next door. For the alt-right imaginary, that means traditional patriarchy of the sort that only ever existed in febrile myth. A core idea behind this logic is that since female enfranchisement is a relatively late development, it therefore counts alongside nylon stockings and air conditioning as one of those modern luxuries that will have to be done without in the post-civilization. Feminism, to the conservative imagination, is a modern indulgence, one of many trivialities to be cast by the wayside like a child’s empty-eyed doll on a nuclear battlefield. This suspicion is not limited to the frothing neo-con contingent. You can still find doomsayers on the left discussing women’s liberation as a bourgeois deviation that will disappear after the revolution along with all the other inconveniences of emasculating capitalism.”

-Graffiti can, in fact, be art. The Romans do it.

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