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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Stuff I read today: October 25, 2016

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- Five GOP congressional candidates are threatening to sue Democratic opponents who run TV ads liking them to their standard-bearer, Mr Trump. They argue doing so is a form of defamation. In such cases truth is always a defense.

- A leading conservative paper in the UK, The Telegraph, has unearthed a money-laundering scheme benefiting Mr Trump. In it, operatives of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul- one is married to his niece and is his former campaign manager- thought up clever ways to hide the sources of pay-to-play money from Chinese interests. Because the tale offers no pussy to grab, it will gain no traction in the US media.

- The Catholic Church nixes modernity again; “OK, ashes to ashes and all that, but only up to a point.” Duke Energy explores whether its coal ash wastelands can escape regulation by reclassifying them as sacred cremation grounds.

- One blog is speaking plainly about the Rodney King pundits who argue Mrs Clinton needs to reach out to her opposition:

All due respect Madam President, but no, you don’t have to heal shit.

You and your party were not the ones out there screaming about locking up political opponents.

You and your party were not the ones tongue-kissing Putin and talking about the upsides of Saddam Hussein.

You and your party were not calling for the murder of journalists, using Nazi terminology or the word “cunt” as a comma.

You don’t have to heal nothin’.

Once and for all time, the onus of political healing is on THE PEOPLE WHO FUCKED UP. This country did not “become” divided because of “both sides” doing it. This country did not naturally develop a culture of political obstruction like a cold front rolling in, with nothing to be done but bundle up, and no one to blame but the gods.

This country’s political climate and culture were deliberately vandalized over the past four decades by one group of people determined to seize power and keep it at all costs. They refused to confirm qualified judges just because. They said feeding poor people was like keeping stray animals. They accused people who wanted to give other people health care of being Dr. Mengele and called our first black president an illegitimate foreigner. They openly admitted to pandering to people who hate them almost as much as they hate Democrats, and acted like they deserved some kind of award for surviving their own stupidity.

They’ve been driving around the national neighborhood waving flags and yelling FUCK ALL LIBTARD TRAITORS for 15 years now and we’ve had to pretend not to listen to it and say nice things like, “Hey, we love this country too” while they throw beer cans full of piss onto our lawns. We are under no obligation at this point to listen to anything they say.

- NC Senator Thom Tillis blocked voting on a basket of judicial nominations this summer, saying judicial confirmations aren’t part of the Senate’s work. Now, the GOP is trying a new tack: “senators could do their job and meet the constitutional obligations, but the process is too expensive to bother.” The best Supreme Court reporting is at SCOTUSblog.

- John Scalzi won’t be a bit surprised if the US economy dips in Q3 16.

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