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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Stuff I read today: November 2, 2016

-Six days to go, and the GOP disdain for law picks up speed. Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson Is talking impeachment of President-elect Clinton, Republican congressional committee chairs are talking about a permanent investigation (on the Senate side, Judiciary chair Chuck Grassley says having a confirmation hearing on the Supreme Court vacancy would be too expensive), and Mr Trump believes he can call a special session of Congress before be becomes president.

- Vigilante voter purging is allowed by North Carolina law. The state elections board shrugs, and has struck 4500 people from the voting lists in three targeted counties.

“No, I’m not comfortable with some of the things that [Mr Trump] says and some of the things that he’s done,” the culture warrior admitted. “Look, I find it disgusting and [I’m] not going to do anything publicly or otherwise to make excuses for it.”

Then Mr Ethics called out House Speaker Paul Ryan and Governor John Kasich for not supporting Mr Trump:

“I’m not happy John Kasich or Paul Ryan and the way they’re conducting themselves, particularly John Kasich,” he remarked. “I want to say to John Kasich, if you’re watching, John you signed a pledge! You signed a pledge saying you would support the Republican nominee for president. You signed a pledge in order to get on the ballot in South Carolina!

Kasich called Ryan’s and Kasich’s actions “a stain on [their] character”, not supporting the candidate with perhaps the last character in history.

Then Santorum put it all in perspective:

See, it comes down to one of them is going to be president. They’re not going to be head of the garden club.

- Today in Franklin Graham (“I’m not endorsing anybody”)’s Facbook Constitution-Shredding Class:

We need a president who is tough on crime and who will stand behind our law-enforcement, give them the support they need, and not defend criminals.

- The New Yorker reviews a new book that argues we’d be better off letting our betters rule us:

Brennan has a bright, pugilistic style, and he takes a sportsman’s pleasure in upsetting pieties and demolishing weak logic. Voting rights may happen to signify human dignity to us, he writes, but corpse-eating once signified respect for the dead among the Fore tribe of Papua New Guinea. To him, our faith in the ennobling power of political debate is no more well grounded than the supposition that college fraternities build character.

- As I get ready to out and collect last night’s passing car trash, it’s disquieting that NASA wants to hire contractors to make pickups and deliveries on the Moon.

- Start cleaning up your Facebook posts. The Insurance company is reading them. Facebook has blocked the plan. For now. Admiral Insurance will just start targeting ads to people who write “I am a responsible driver”. After all, you can reach 100,000 in your neighborhood for just $10. If it works as well as Zuck’s community standards, everyone’s car insurance rates will double by next Wednesday.

Curiously (or not), of all the countries polled, only Russia indicated it would vote for Trump, with 71 percent of users siding with the 70-year-old businessman, though 76 percent of users actually matched with Clinton in terms of their opinions on issues.

- Mr Trump says we need an Invasion of the Body Snatchers Self Defense Plan:

You could have 650 million people pour in and we do nothing about it. Think of it. That’s what could happen. You triple the size of our country in a week.

One analyst doesn’t think it can be done in a week, but by the end of Q4 ‘16? Easy-peasey.

- On the positive side, today is National Deviled Eggs Day, though no one knows who started it, or why.

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