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Friday, November 4, 2016

Stuff I read today: November 4, 2016


Four days to go. Then the troubles will start in earnest.

- On Carolina Business Review, NC Commerce Secretary John Skvarla is proving to be the Mikey of Pat McCrory’s cabinet: he'll say anything. He told host Chris William- who will nod sagely through the most astonishing buillshit, and did- that HB2 was a putup job by Democrats who somehow divined that NC would become a 2016 swing state last winter, and determined it was the only way to defeat Governor McCrory’s success is making the rich richer.

- Reduced to sifting for presidential candidates like thrift-store workers with the quadrennial big party donation of reject candidates, unable to sell even the Koch Brothers on opening the money sluice, the Libertarians have frittered away another election.

- Teenage boys in a town in Macedonia are playing you for a fool if you are a clickbait zombie who just can’t resist their 140 US politics websites. But on the upside, while they may still be getting laid, they are the envy of the high-end sneaker groupies of eastern Europe.

- Why do the “wedding artists” who raise so much crowd-funded welfare pelf worry so much about serving the ‘mos? The scriptural basis for stiffarming Jews and women and blacks is much more compelling.

- “Dismediation isn’t discourse. It doesn’t disinform, and it’s not quite propaganda, as that term has long been understood. Instead, dismediation seeks to break the systems of trust without which civilized society hasn’t got a chance. Disinformation, once it’s done telling its lie, is finished with you. Dismediation is looking to make you never really trust or believe a news story, ever again. Not on Fox, and not on NPR. It’s not that we can’t agree on what the facts are. It’s that we cannot agree on what counts as fact. The machinery of discourse is bricked. That’s why we can’t think together, talk together, or vote together.

“The success of dismediation projects like Fox News, Drudge Report and Rush Limbaugh’s radio show set the stage for Donald Trump, a buffoon beyond the satires of Dr. Strangelove or Infinite Jest. Trump happened in part because some of my cousins are now literally incapable of identifying facts, let alone weighing them. They apparently still intend to vote for a man who describes himself as “a genius” and in the same breath proposes to commit literal war crimes, break treaties, and steal the resources of other nations.”

- Eternal questions remain unanswered: “There are two standard questions (with minor variations) that people ask whenever the question of nudists come up, reliably accompanied by a smirk or snigger:

1. “Why is it that the people on nude beaches are always the people you least want to see naked?”

2. “Why are nudists always playing volleyball?”

- Senator Richard Burr supports Donald Trump, who refuses to release his tax returns. He’s just fine with whatever The Donald says, he says. Now Mrs Burr is doing ads for Sockless Dick, whingeing that her husband’s opponent, Deborah Ross, won’t release her tax returns, and that’s just wrong.


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