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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Thom Tillis makes halfwits feel better

Here's a gut-buster: Senator Thom Tillis is trying to be a centrist.
Tillis is so dumb, he had to marry and divorce the same woman twice to discover he didn't love her.
He managed to lose money as a trailer park slumlord, even after getting it rezoned to favor him.
He said NC needed to pass a ban on marriage equality even though, he admitted, it would be overturned in twenty years. It barely lasted two, but long enough for him to ride spite to the US Senate.
Once there, he announced that signs telling restaurant workers to wash up after doing their bidness in the wild west of pre-HB2 bathrooms was "government overreach."
Since then he has spent his time blocking confirmation of federal judges. He says that is not the Senate's business. Except, of course, when it comes to the Supreme Court.
He even grew a beard when he became a Senator, and looked even dumber than Tom Cotton.
His aura of dumb is so pervasive, The Observer ran a photo of Sockless Dick Burr with Tillis' article. It's like a black hole. You can't not be drawn into it.
NC senator says Donald Trump election was about Americans wanting change, not a re-run of partisan politics.

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