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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fresh jabber from the Chinless Wonder

The President* has had a remarkable week.
"Only I can fix it" admitted he doesn't understand how the health care system works, much less holds any idea of what his "beautiful" plan to replace it is.
He attacked the military ("our beloved miitary", he called them at CPAC last week)New jab as "not fighting to win wars" any more: a nice dog whistle tune Don't Ask, Don't Tell fans will be able to name in two bars- one on gays, one on lesbians.
So the solution? Gut the rest of the government to give the military $54 billion more than the seven times the next times ten nations-size budget it now has.
And now he says President Obama (subliminal message: Angry Black Man) is causing all town hall protests that, when acted out by grumpy, foul-mouthed old white folks a decade ago, were called The Voice of the People.
By the way, has anyone among the Sore Winners penciled out the weekly cost of tens of thousands of protestors getting $1500 a week from financier George Soros- and shipping them back and forth to the town meetings of obscure backbench Republican congressmen? And how is it no one can find out how Soros and Obama move them, invisibly, week after week: no longer lines at transit stations, no lines of charter buses, no piles of missing persons reports for thousands of fat, unattractive women NCGOP state senator @Joyce Krawiec says couldn't grease a small pan if brains were lard?

Are they using the Wal-Mart tunnels again?

Pacific Play Tents Find-Me Multicolor Tunnel, 6', $31.55

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