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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

It's business as usual at Breitbart as they try to figure out how their pet gay slipped the leash and was caught humping Andrew Breitbart's headstone.

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Breitbart, the secular version of Franklin Graham’s revelations from God, remains silent over the fate of its “Technology Editor,” and token queer, Milo Yiannopoulos.

The half-Jewish anti-Semitic, gay-loathing, Barbara Bush pearls-loving provocateur- at Breitbart they call him the “gay thot”- was, for a while this weekend, the Very Model of the Modern American by being named keynote speaker at the annual conference of Model Americans, CPAC.

How much a Model American is Milo? The President* and the Vice President are speaking at the multiday conference, but neither is the keynote speaker.

Milo was, after all, a Model American Conservative’s dreamboat. As Dan Savage put it, albeit crudely but effectively, in The Stranger:

...I suspect Yiannopoulos knows and doesn’t care because he's too busy cashing in on his outrageous anti-gay gay conservative schtick. (Milo opposes gay marriage, argues that being gay is a choice, and says he would choose to be straight if he could.) There’s nothing the right wing loves more than a black person willing to say black people are the real racists or a queer person willing to say queer people are the real threat. If you're queer or a person of color and you're telegenic and articulate and willing to sell the rancid cum rag that passes for your soul, you'll never have to do an honest day's work again in your life.

But video of an interview Milo gave where he got all Ann Coulter and was outdoing himself being outrageous. He let slip some views he shouldn’t have. The BBC reported,

In the footage, Mr Yiannopoulos - a passionate supporter of Donald Trump and an editor at right-wing website Breitbart - seems to suggest the determining factor for paedophilia is whether the younger partner has gone through puberty.

However at another point in the video he says the US age of consent, which is 16 to 18 years old depending on location, is "about right".


That’s a third-rail issue for Republicans, among whose articles of faith is that all LGBT humans are child molesters because they cannot reproduce among themselves.

Just ask former US House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert, spending his golden years in a federal prison hospital suing one of his victims to get his blackmail money back.

They can look the other way, as they have done with members of Congress for decades, but when you talk about it in front of the proles, there’s a price to be paid.

Milo posted a variety of A/B apology tests, even arguing the film footage of him saying what he said was edited that way when what he really was saying was that teenage boys are little cherubs sent from Heaven by a Tory Jesus to remind us all we are sinners- even Milo, who says being gay is a choice but he can’t give it up.

So Milo got canned from the keynote seat. Filling that gig will be even harder than finding a national security advisor was for the President*. I mean, talk about shit sandwiches.

And then Simon & Schuster, the publisher, remembered where its spine was, and cancelled Milo’s book contract.

There have been rumors and reports Breitbart News staffers are threatening to quit unless Milo is fired. And who wouldn’t be concerned? The Nazis were all homosexuals, the alt right reminds us, somehow proving they aren’t. Being on the receiving end of the fake news media’s tendency to actually find out the facts may not be a sexual fantasy to which the Breitbartites may wish to confess.

But it’s all spin in the end, as Milo might claim in another unguarded moment. In the meantime, Breitbart hews to the party line, celebrating the Trump-in-Drag candidate for the French Presidency, Marine le Pen, for promising to make les gais less liberte’,  egalite’’, et fraternite’ while claiming, a la Milo, it’s what they really want:

Civil partnerships in France are known as pactes civils de solidarité or PACS and were brought into French law in 1999. the French government defines PACS as a legal contract “concluded between 2 adults of different sex or of the same sex, to organise their joint life.” 
PACS allow many of the benefits of marriage including a death benefit in case of accident of a spouse and the ability to receive a residency permit for a spouse who is from outside the European Union. One difference between PACS and marriage is that marriage allows a non-European spouse to apply for French nationality, while PACS does not. 
Le Pen has experienced a surge in support from the gay community in recent months. Experts say that the previous taboo of supporting the Front National among members of the gay community is slowly disappearing. 
French-Algerian author Didier Lestrade said: “People are not conflicted anymore to voice right wing opinion,” and added: “What’s happening in bars, especially when people have a couple drinks, when they are among friends, you can hear that they’re not afraid to voice opinions that for a long time were repressed within the gay community.” 
One of the most prominent members of the FN, party vice president Florian Philippot is openly gay after being outed in 2014 by a French magazine and the party boasts more high-ranking gay members than any other party in France...

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