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Friday, March 17, 2017

Department of silly wankers (perhaps literally)

The Guardian:

A man died after being electrocuted while charging his phone in the bath, an inquest has heard.

The death of Richard Bull, 32, which occurred when the iPhone fell into the water, was accidental, the coroner ruled. Dr Sean Cummings said he would also send a report to the phone’s manufacturer, Apple, to warn about the dangers.

“These seem like innocuous devices, but they can be as dangerous as a hairdryer in a bathroom. They should attach warnings,” he told the inquest. “This was a tragic accident and I have no reason to believe at all that there anything other than it being completely accidental.”

Friends at the amateur rugby club where Bull played said he would be “greatly missed” and offered their commiserations to his family. His teammate, Nick Greenhalgh, said: “He was a pleasure to play both against and with. He would play in any position without giving it a second thought. He stepped back from nothing and left everything on the pitch for whichever side he was playing for.”

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