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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Liberals are worse than Communists these days. The Red was under the bed, but the left is every damn where.

Charlie Pierce worries about a worrisome trend among worrying sorts:
Now, though, tous les Toobz is agog over pieces by two guys I respect—my former Grantland colleague Bryan Curtis at The Ringer, and Michael Brendan Dougherty at The Week—that purport to demonstrate that sportswriting has become a hotbed of lefty thought. Curtis wrote a judicious account in which he generally applauded what he saw as a trend. Meanwhile, Dougherty took Curtis' story and launched into a lengthy condemnation of the phenomenon. Alas, while I don't doubt Bryan's observations, I really take exception to what Michael did with it—namely, to wedge it into the usual template for conservative bleating about the evil liberal media—namely, You Guys Think You're Soooooo Smart. 
(And, as Edroso points out here, no take is so bad that David French, who ran for president for a millisecond once, can't make it hilariously worse. Extra points for the Dick Young shout-out in the headline!) 
(And I'd also like to point out that both pieces suffer from a lack of input from the women and people of color in sports media. If there is a swing to the left, especially on issues of gender and race, these viewpoints would seem to me to have been essential)...

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