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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

"Look, Moses! While you were gone, we made a pair of Golden Koch Bros!"

 “Well, there’s some members, I think, who wanted some really strong — stronger parts of the repeal in the bill,” Poe said. “But it would move too far to the right where you wouldn’t get other Republicans to support it. So it’s a compromise. And I think that there was nothing that could be added to the bill that the Freedom Caucus would ever vote yes on. And so, you know, I got the opinion that there’s some members of the Freedom Caucus, they would vote no against the Ten Commandments if they came up for a vote.”

The Caucus, whose membership is a secret, number about 30 of the House of Representatives' 241 Republicans, and counts ten percent of its membership from the Carolinas. NC Congressman Mark Meadows is its chair, and SC members Mark Sanford and Jeff Duncan are members. A recent alumnus is Management and Budget Director Mick ("How can I ask a fireman to pay for public television?") Mulvaney.

Apparently more to their tastes is the gospel of Franklin Graham:
“Jesus wasn't real loving sometimes. He called the Pharisees vipers, snakes, whitewashed tombs. So, you have to understand the world in which we live is dangerous.” 
Graham added that he did not think Trump should tone down his rhetoric on national issues. 
“No, I'm not going to tell him to tone it down,” Graham said. “I mean, my goodness, he got to where he is by being who he is.”

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