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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Nuclear winter of the Bozarts

The President*s new budget proposes zeroing out all arts funding in the United States.

Because he has already promised a decade's savings from #DontCare and slashing Medicaid to his cabinet members and the nation's other 531 billionaires, the only way to pay for The New Sparta is to kill off everything else.

Look at it this way: for the loss of arts funding in America, you can have 7.6% of the Navy aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford's $13 billion cost, or 66.8 miles of Wall.

America's Man of the People, 75-year-old columnist George F. Will (BA Religion, Trinity College; BA/MA Philosophy, Politics & Economics, Magdalen College, Oxford; MA/Ph.D Politics, Princeton), calls the moves a long overdue corrective to elitism.

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