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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Occam's Razor: The only bracket I do is easy, and the results are in on one day, in about half an hour.

It's March Madness and everyone is bracket-mad.

Me? For 39 years, I've calendared the Boat Race and chosen Oxford.

It's a pretty safe bet. As The Telegraph remembered in its obit of longtime Boat Race announcer John Snagge (1904-96),
On one occasion the engine of the launch broke down and Snagge was left saying "I don't know who is winning. It is either Oxford or Cambridge!" - words which stuck to him over the years, he said, like a tin can tied to a dog's tail. 
My system is a good one. I've been right 25 times: 65.7%.

The 2017 race is April 2. 

The Mansfield College 1st VII, Trinity Term, 1980

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