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Friday, March 3, 2017

Politicovanelicals to Trump: "Time's a wastin', we gotta lotta smitin' to catch up on!"

Tony Perkins and James Dobson want President* Trump to get on the ball with his order legalizing anti-LGBT discrimination. After all, several times the candidate anointed by God promised a blank check for spite at Christianist cattle calls.

So now 150 of them have written The President a letter reminding him that wrathful Gods tend to be impatient ones, and his pudgy, elderly whiteguy&gal servants on earth, doubly so.

Curiously, they won't release the text of the letter. Neither will they say who over 140 of the signers are, just a handful of Trumpites, from 85-year-old Edwin Meese to James Dobson, 80 Morton Blackwell 77,  to former SCGOP chair Chad Connelley.

Odd, isn't it, for people who go on so about the courage of their convictions?

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