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Monday, April 3, 2017

In Trumpland, only patriotic corporations deserve to survive. The rest must be crushed into fruity pebbles.

The company’s contraction came after Kellogg decided to cut its advertising with Breitbart News at the end of 2016, thereby snubbing Breitbart’s 45,000,000 readers. 
In November, Kellogg noted that the conservative readers at Breitbart News are not “aligned with our values as a company.” 
While the decision by Kellogg to cease advertising made virtually no revenue impact on, it did represent an escalation in the war by leftist companies like Target and Allstate against conservative customers whose values propelled Donald Trump into the White House. 
After the cereal maker turned its back on conservative customers, Breitbart News launched its #DumpKelloggs petition, which has been signed by more than 450,000 people.
#AltFacts lead to #AltCauseandEffects: after citing seven years of declining sales, Breitbart says Kellogg's troubles emerged last November, after a boycott launched by the #altnews site was signed by only one percent of its claimed 45 million readers.

It's a popular meme on the extraplanetary right: WorldNetDaily, in a February scoop, reported,
Kellogg Co. officials insisted this week that a boycott called against it had no real impact on its bottom line as it offered a look at its future. 
However Kellogg, which through its foundation funnels money to groups such as Black Lives Matter, also reported several facts showing the cereal giant faces major challenges.
In the Earth-based community, the news is more prosaic:
Kellogg's sales have fallen for six straight quarters as the company, like other processed foods makers, struggles to adapt to the shift in consumer preference to fresh foods and items perceived as healthier.

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