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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

It's not like the last eight years, no, not a bit.

The woman the President* put in charge of his party has been given permission to speak in public, and she turns out to have a delightful sense of obliviousness:
They’ve been completely obstructive to anything the President is trying to accomplish. Their leadership used rhetoric like ‘resist’—that’s their new buzzword, ‘resist.’ What are you resisting? Are you resisting fixing healthcare that’s falling apart and helping millions of Americans whose premiums are going up? Are you resisting better jobs? Are you resisting better trade deals for people in my state of Michigan? Are you resisting coal jobs? What are they resisting? The Democratic leadership has decided ‘we are not going to help or come to the table on anything.’ It’s unprecedented. Barack Obama had more good will or support from Republicans. He certainly didn’t deal with these for Supreme Court nominees. I think the voters are going to look at this and say the Democrat Party is the ‘party of no.’ They’re the party of going to Washington and getting nothing done. And the Republican Party and President Trump are the ones out there trying to make our lives better. They’re fighting for our jobs, they’re fighting for better healthcare, and we’re going to see that come up in the midterms as we continue to gain seats.

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