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Friday, April 21, 2017

Never mind that 40% of homeless youth are LGBT Americans. Some Oregon folks' animus runs so deep they will go ask government for more handouts rather than take cash from The Gays.

From Oregon Public Broadcasting:
Hearts With A Mission, which operates the only youth shelter in Josephine County, stands by its decision to turn down a donation of nearly $3,000 raised during a charity concert in Grants Pass by the Portland Gay Men’s Chorus. 
The Grants Pass Hearts With A Mission Youth Shelter receives $50,000 from the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety annually and was recently approved for $26,000 more in funds from the city. 
In a letter to the Grants Pass City Council, and in comments to the Daily Courier, officials from the faith-based group that runs the shelter said the decision to turn down the money was made with thoughts to the safety of the at-risk youths the shelter serves, not to discriminate against the gay men’s group.
Hearts With A Mission enjoys corporate and foundation support from most of Oregon's philanthropic leaders. Why not write them and ask if they support the Shelter That Welcomes All Except Those They Don't?

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