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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Representative Democracy in Raleigh

My state representative, Beverly Earle, is a busy lady down in Raleigh. Nearly half the 28 bills she has introduced this session have been about study committees and commissions, creating Awareness Days, and authorizing special interest license plates. That's a lot of pointless activity to chase after, since Speaker Moore runs only GOP bills out for votes, on the same day his committees vote them out.

On March 29 I sent her an email urging her not to vote for HB 146, the Basketball or Equality? Law.

As I expected, she preferred profits over principles.

Two weeks on, Earle hasn't felt the need to acknowlege a constituent's mail.

She doesn't have to.

Last November, her gerrymandered district gave her 75.97% of the vote for her sixth term.

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