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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Franklin Graham says, "I call it Fag Football, and I say to Hell with it, right now."

You can always tell when Ramadan is nigh. Franklin Graham starts gay-bashing as a warmup.

It's a sort of Viagra for the spite glands of the 64-year-old North Carolina televangelical millionaire:
The New England Patriots announced they will be the first NFL team to sponsor a “Gay Bowl.” They’re sponsoring Gay Bowl 17, which is a national championship tournament for LGBT flag football teams. The Patriots have the right to do whatever they want, but I’m disappointed that a great team from such a wonderful area of the country would promote a sinful lifestyle like this. Shame on them. Let the Patriots know that you don’t support this move.
The Charlotte Observer has a backgrounder on the event, which notes that Patriots owner Robert Kraft and the team have supported LGBT sports and civil rights for nearly two decades, even though he and Graham are both huuuge  political supporters of the President.

Graham prayed at the President's inauguration, despite telling a reporter for The Atlantic this last week:
“I try to avoid this city as much as possible,” he told me with a smile. 
He had come to Washington to host the first-ever World Summit in Defense of Persecuted Christians, featuring a who’s who of evangelical heavy-hitters and D.C. elites from the Texas megachurch pastor Jack Graham to Vice President Mike Pence. More than 600 victims and advocates from 130 countries gathered to discuss and raise awareness about violence against Christians around the world.
Also doubtless bothersome to Graham, whose rageful speeches could give Congressman-elect Greg Gianforte a run for his reporter, is that the Patriots are headquartered in Massachusetts- "such a wonderful area of the country"- whose embrace of an amateur gay football weekend follows logically on past sins like being the first state to legalize marriage equality, and Mitt Romney, who not only promised voters he'd be more pro-LGBT than Ted Kennedy but was the father of Obamacare.

As usual, Graham called on his 5,703,846 Facebook followers to anoint some emails to the Pats expressive of God's displeasure.

As of noon Saturday, .0012% have.

It's just one more way Franklin Graham slinks in his father's giant shadow. He excels only in his personal wealth and cozy working relationships with third world dictators who find American Christianists useful idiots.

Oh, and Ramadan? Here's Graham's Day 1 of 30 love offering:
This weekend marks the beginning of Ramadan, Muslim holy month. Last year was the bloodiest 30 days of Ramadan on record with 421 dead and 729 wounded by Islamic terrorist attacks. This includes Orlando, the largest mass shooting in America’s history with the highest death toll from terrorism on American soil since 9/11. Join me in praying that this year will not be a repeat. After the #Manchester bombing, these radical Islamists have called for an “all out war” on “infidels” in the West. They said in a video posted on YouTube that the targeting of innocent people was “beloved” by them. This shows the wickedness of the hatred in their hearts.

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