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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Graham's still crackers.

Franklin Graham crawled out from under his rock the other day and predicted 600 more years of backsliding before the Middle Ages return.

The proximate cause of his ire, of late, is the Boy Scouts.

Franklin Graham was not a Boy Scout, in the literal or figurative senses of the term. His Christianity leads him to embrace the values they- and other organizations- held back when he wanted nothing to do with them personally: the Boy Scouts, the military, the Communist Party*.

Had Franklin Graham been able to muster the discipline to see the Scouting program through, he might have made something useful of himself, instead of realizing, at 22, taking over the family business would be easier than succeeding on his own.

He has spent the last forty years pocketing huge salaries- his is the gospel of doing well by doing good- and slowly sucking the life out of his parents' hard-won reputation for modesty, faith, and probity.

For a while, I subscribed to Franklin Graham's Facebook page- which has 5.4 million followers- to follow his 2016 hypocrisies claiming to have left the Republican party while running a 50-state pep rally for the party.

I was struck by how many of my friends were among those who like Franklin Graham.

And after I read 3,000 vicious, hate-filled, spit-spewing comments the weekend of the Orlando murders, I realized those friends of mine who follow Franklin Graham aren't actually my friends. But they do share his fondness for false piety and public moral preening.


*Once they rebranded and let the church back in, all was forgiven.

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