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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

"I love to remember my enemies and I love to get my enemies. I had some enemies. I had people that really I helped a lot. And when I needed the help, in some cases, they were not there for me."

Facing a corrupt Republican nominee with the backing of Tammany Hall for President in 1884, Democrats chose the stolid, reform-minded governor of New York to be their standard-bearer.

General Edward Bragg of Wisconsin, seconding Grover Cleveland's nomination, declared,

Bragg's encomium came to mind today as I read through the bullying, passive-aggressive tweetshit the President began slinging at former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates before dawn.

He is, at heart, a sad ("so sad") figure, his stubby fingers wearing the letters off the keys as he vents his petty rages, his misspellings and long pauses, trying to think how to finish a thought, notwithstanding.

But the President has millions of flying monkeys on his Twitter account, ready to track down the objects of his spite and harass them up to the point of death threats because he tells them they are victims of elites who need to be chastised.

We will never know how many he cows into silence. But we know who speaks up. In the New Age, I love people like Sally Yates precisely for the enemy she has made.

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