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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

It seems like a Charlie Pierce kind of day today.

So we are to believe, especially if we are all morons, that Comey was fired because of the administration's dissatisfaction with the activities that, more than anything else, helped make the administration possible. And I am the Tsar of all the Russias.

Can't anybody play this game? I will take any bet in any amount that we will have a special prosecutor looking into the Russia business by midsummer at the latest. Otherwise, I don't know who will take the job. The entire DOJ—including the FBI—is now hopelessly compromised. And yes, I dread the very thought of who these clowns might appoint—Rudy Giuliani? Chris Christie? Sheriff Clarke? Bo Dietl?—but that seems a secondary concern right now. At present, we're governed by people in a frenzy to cover their own asses. Nobody's hands are on the wheel.

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