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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Joel Ford is DINO-might!

My state senator, Joel Ford, made two comically embarrassing videos on his life as a visionary "octapreneur" the other night in aid of his campaign for mayor of Charlotte.

Besides displaying a technological ineptitude that ought to have his donors demanding a refund of their $200,000, Ford continued to spin out the parallel universes he inhabits: one in which the 3/5 Republican majority in the General Assembly stifles his true Democrat DNA; the other in which, as mayor, the same Republican bosses who recently stripped education funds from the districts of Democrats who annoyed them in debate will find his chinless charms irresistibly winsome and will give him carloads of pork to slather over his constituents.

Ford says he is the Robin Hood who so delights the rich they will just hand over their money and save him the trouble of robbing them. "Oh, you little scamp!" Senate boss Phil Berger will chuckle, pinching one of Ford's ample cheeks.

The Charlotte Observer isn't having any of it, either:

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