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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

We're post-PC now. We don't have to care about libtard fags.

The Guardian:

But as the Colbert situation mushroomed over the next few days, I realised that there was another potential reading of the man’s question. The far right, smelling an opportunity to manipulate the left into eating their own powerful and popular satirist, had pounced on Colbert. Oh, the homophobia, they wailed! Wasn’t it terrible? #FireColbert took hold on Twitter – strangely, not on the feeds of those oppressed by homophobia, but on the feeds of homophobes. That same week, Trump signed his executive order on religious liberty, which turned out to be a toothless dud, but was a symbolic nod to religious homophobes all the same. Colbert is now being investigated by the Federal Communications Commission, a relatively routine procedure, but alarming in the context of Trump’s obsession with punishing unfriendly media outlets and flirtation with amending the first amendment.

...I’m happy to criticise Colbert (and my mentors and my enemies and myself), and to have a nuanced conversation about language and power with other good-faith actors. What I won’t do is fight some proxy battle against justice and equality because disingenuous bigots think they’ve found a loophole and I’m gullible enough to fall through it. Principles aren’t a game, a card you can sanctimoniously deploy when you want to control young women’s lives or get elected to Congress and secretly withdraw when your teenage mistress gets pregnant or you see a hot guy’s foot in the next bathroom stall. Pretending to care about gay people’s safety and humanity so you can use it as leverage to further your agenda of destroying gay lives is one of the most repulsively cynical ploys I’ve ever seen from a repulsive, cynical party.

Republicans have been fighting to strip gay people of legal protections and equal rights for decades. Suddenly, they’re demanding apologies and doling out pink slips for homophobia? Fine. I expect your apologies in writing and your resignations by Friday.

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