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Thursday, June 29, 2017

"Congress is a rich man’s game", all right, says Benghazi sleuth, and now I'm gonna get really rich.

“Faced with another 100 to 200 nights a year where my wife’s by herself in Utah and I’m in a cot in Washington, D.C. – as nice as the salary is – I can’t afford to have two places and have a quality of life I’d like to have at this point. Congress is a rich man’s game. If you’re not a multimillionaire – you got dozens and dozens of us that can’t afford two mortgages – kids in college and other types of things. It’s very expensive in Washington DC.” 

-Congressman Jason Chaffetz, on Fox News, June 28, 2017

Jason Chaffez is not, apparently, very bright.

He ran for Congress five times, never gettting less than 66% of the vote, before he realized he hated the place and it cost too much to live there, even though he was dossing on the taxpayers' dime, rent-free- in his congressional office. His salary is $174,000 a year.

In 2016, Chaffetz raised $4,438,000 to win the seat he now says he can't afford to keep through 2018. His biggest single donor was NuSkin International, a multilevel marketing outfit that employed him before he went to Congress.

In his first campaign, Chaffetz pledged the delegates to the state nominating convention he'd spend no money on staff, offices, free meals for them, and all the stuff that make for an easy nomination. He pledged to incur no debt and, once elected, praised himself for sleeping in his office as a mark of his exemplary frugality.

Chaffetz is resigning from Congress tomorrow.

Saturday, he goes to work for Fox News.

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