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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

For a coupla guys who say anti-LGBT discrimination doesn't exist, the Benham Bros have spent an awful lot of time getting it written into law.

Curiously, they are not supporters of Albemarle, NC's 
Deplorable Pride microgroup

Joe.My.God reports,

Benham Brothers: Anti-Gay Discrimination Doesn’t Exist

June 27, 2017 Christianists, Crackpots

The Benham brothers have penned a typically insane column for Charisma News, home of many recent witchcraft warnings and anti-witch tutorials. They write: 
A recent headline last week asked the question, “Is it acceptable for Christian business owners to refuse service to gay people?” At first glance, most honest Americans would say, “Of course not!” 
This was our reaction as well, because in our mind we could easily replace the words “gay people” with any number of other folks and answer the question the exact same way: “Of course not! If you’re in business you should serve everyone.” 
But this response doesn’t actually answer the real question, which should be, “Is it acceptable for Christian business owners to be forced by government to service ceremonies, events or messages that are against their beliefs?” 
You see, this conversation or debate over religious liberty has been framed to suggest Christian business owners are refusing to serve gay people in this country—when in actuality nothing could be further from the truth. 
Religious objections in the marketplace have nothing to do with refusing to service people. Rather, they have everything to do with forced participation in ceremonies, messages and events that are against believers’ consciences. 
In our own business, we’ve sold more than 20,000 homes in 14 years across 35 states in this country, and never one time have we refused service to gay people—not once. This is the same story for nearly every Christian business owner in America.
Discrimination against gay people simply does not exist. To say otherwise is disingenuous at best and misleading at worst. Yet the headlines continue, blurring this critical distinction as masses of people are led astray on the issue. 
The Benham brothers, as many of you surely know, are among North Carolina’s leading anti-LGBT activists and have regularly appeared at state and local hearings to testify against LGBT rights on every issue. Their certifiable nutjob father Flip Benham regularly shows up at Pride events to scream abuse over a megaphone.
The Benhams, who motor down from Concord, NC to lecture Charlotte on how to run its business, neglected to mention that in April 2016 they were among the earliest businesses to sign a pledge to support North Carolina's new legalized LGBT discrimination law, HB2.

It was sponsored by, a front group for Art Pope, North Carolina Values Coalition, NC Christian Action League, and a gaggle of lesser groups representing the Republican Party at prayer.

You can see it here. They're the 25th name down.

The Benhams were leading advocates for North Carolina Republicans' 2012 referendum to write marriage discrimination into the state constitution; were leaders in the campaign to pass HB2 last year, and served on Senator Ted Cruz's campaign advisory committee of homophobic religionists.

One can be forgiven why they have put so much effort into legalizing the nonexistent. Any ideas?

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