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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

It's hard for the Just Day No Party to say yes.

That the Republicans have pulled their #DontCare bill from a vote this week is no surprise.

Senators are naturally superior to congresscritters. So like the House, they are being balky at first. They know the bill creates a pot of $320 billion earmarked for their 1%ers. But a few billion shaved off the edge, the big donors will never notice, and if they do, well, it's money well spent to buy the votes needed to put the bill into law and actually create the money Malevolent Turtle McConnell will be splashing around over the July 4 break.

Once all the deals have been struck and the Senate version is passed, the honorables want to know, in advance, they won't just get a cheesy, Paul Ryan kegger. They want an open bar with premium pours, a full buffet, and some ambassadorships to hand out.

The Republicans have a fundamental problem. They don't know how to write, much less pass, a social benefits law. Going back to Social Security, eighty years ago, they have opposed them all. And when they were passed anyway, Republicans have spent decades slurring their beneficiaries and undermining the programs. It's not just the Holy Writ of the Church of Jesus Christ, Republican.

It's genetic.

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