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Friday, June 2, 2017

"Of course, if Musk was up there praying, or posing on a fur rug like the First Lady, that would be different."

Today in Breitbart News's Selective Virtues Pages:

Travel + Leisure magazine reported last year,
Donald Trump, who just won New Hampshire’s primary, has an ostentatious ride that, ahem, trumps them all—a Boeing 757 emblazoned with his name on it in red, white, and blue. According to JetSmarter, it cost the real estate mogul $100 million. The massive plane, dubbed Trump Force One, was purchased from Microsoft’s Paul Allen back in 2011. Check out this video of The Apprentice’s Amanda Miller for a tour of its many features, including seating for 43, a silk-lined master bedroom, a master bath with 24-karat gold fixtures, and even gold plated seat belts. 
Trump’s nearest Republican rivals, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, have more in common than a political party and a penchant for red ties—they both fly around the country in Cessna Citation Excel planes, to the tune of $3,000 an hour. Presumably they don’t share a jet, although potential voters might appreciate their fiscal conservativeness.
A politicovagelical ike Cruz is also aware that God prefers his frquent flyers to skip going coach:
Two well-known televangelists defended their luxury jets late last month in part by contending it would be impractical to fly on a commercial airline “with a bunch of demons.” 
Duplantis recalled a story where he was flying on an airline and had to unbuckle his seatbelt to speak to God. 
“You couldn’t have done that over an airline,” Copeland noted. 
“No sir, no way,” Duplantis agreed. 
“Stand up and say, ‘What did you say Lord?'” Copeland said. “You can’t do that. No, no. This is so important and those of you that are just now coming into these things in the first place: Jesse and I and others … the world is in such a shape, we can’t get there without this.” 
He continued, “We’ve got to have this! The mess that the airlines are in today. I would have to stop — I’m being very conservative. At least, 75-80, more like 90 percent of what we are doing. Because we can’t get there!” 
“That’s why we are on that airplane. We can talk to God!” Copeland added. 
The televangelist then explained flying commercial was a hassle because other passengers would likely bother them with prayer requests. 
“Now, Oral [Roberts] used to fly airlines. But, even back then it got to the place where it was agitating his spiritual. People coming up to him, he had become famous, and they wanting him to pray for them and all that,” Copeland said.  
“You can’t, you can’t manage that today. This dope-filled world, and get in a long tube with a bunch of demons. And it’s deadly.” 
“So anyway, I wanted to make that clear so the devil can’t lie to you and say, ‘See them there preachers spending all that money, just fat cats riding around.’ No, we’re not; we’re in business.”


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