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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Remind me, Reince: how many nations became great again by being stupid?

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The President's cheerleaders- all doing different cheers due to lack of a White House communication director, inter alia- are crowing that Paris- the object of their sympathies at the hands of terrorists just so recently- has reverted back to being the land of French fries and cheese-eating surrender monkeys.

As usual, they miss the point of the Paris accords entirely. It is not an end, but a beginning. It is a commitment to try, to do something about a problem we are well past addressing timely, and which will only get worse the longer we tarry.

Put another way, when was the last time all the nations of the world agreed on anything?

Except, of course, the blood-soaked leaders of Syria and Nicaragua, and Russia's American viceroy.

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