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Thursday, July 6, 2017

2020: Brian Talbert promises to be the drag on the GOP ticket.

Brian Talbert, the gay Trump fanboy from Albemarle, has just announced he will spend the next three years running for Congress against Republican incumbent Richard Hudson.

It's possible that Deplorable Pride's Facebook page has been hacked again, but indulge me.

If true- and the other day Talbert announced that all Facebook decrees are his and his alone- now we know what the $100,000 grift is about. 

Having only raised $5 in the last two weeks, he will need three years- at least- to reach his target.

Talbert's may still be in for a financial shock, though. Hudson raised $5.3 million for his 2012 and 2014 House races. He pulled in $340,000 this January through March alone for his 2018 campaign.

Constituents seem to find him reactionary enough for their tastes without wearing blue-sequined Make America Great evening wear. Hudson won the 2012 GOP primary wth 64% of the party vote, and the general with 54%. He won last year with 64.9%.

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