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Monday, July 3, 2017

Be a fatally-ill white British infant.

Today the President finally revealed how "more heart" works into his #DontCare health plan:
Gard, who is dying of a genetic illness, is the beneficiary of a 1.3 million pound donation fund, has been the subject of a court dispute with National Health Service officials who argue the trip is pointless, in both British and European courts.

The Pope has also weighed in with an offer of Italian hospital care, and so has one of the President's criminal defense lawyers, former Pat Robertson courtier Jay Sekulow- recently tagged by The Guardian newspaper for diverting $60 million in donations for his Christianist legal services programs into the pockets of himself and his family:

Why an American lawyer who gulls the hard-earned cash out of religious enthusiasts needs an office in the seat of the European Parliament is a mystery for another day, but Sekulow clearly sees the Gard case as a short news cycle version of Terri Schiavo. 

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