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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Even #AltFact memes have a "Best Used By" date, but not to Deplorable Pride

All their promised alternative events have been dropped. The only actions Deplorable Pride can take credit for are those organized by others, that DP shows up for- like the daring, all-white, let's all buy an espresso wearing #MAGA hats at the Dilworth Starbucks press beg.

They've abandoned their Charlotte Pride float, the one with the First Lady as a drag queen to show their patriotism. The $7730 they raised for a lawsuit to make Charlotte Pride let them into the parade- out of a $100,000 goal- has disappeared into a personal account of Deplorable Pride's leader, Brian Talbert, who won't account for it.

Their boycott of Pride sponsors failed. Their news coverage dried up.

Their weekly You Tube talk show channel failed before its first episode.

Their weekly audio podcast did, too.

So all they've got left is posting other groups' memes to attack the people they said they want to sit and talk with and get all kumbaya.

This is how devoid of original thought Deplorable Pride is:

This one, pictured above, is from the group Conservative Military Veterans Against Barack Obama. He's been out of office six months. He's not president any more.

Anyway, the President has taken care of all these things. He says so. Obama is Ovah.

The Mike Pence Vote Fraud Commission- run by Republicans, in search of a problem whose solution is "more voter suppression"- is up and running.

There are no more illegals. They have stopped coming without even needing a 35-foot tall glass solar-powered wall no one can throw sixty-pound bags of drugs over, and thanks to a travel ban that says a legal immigrant's grandparents don't count as family.

I'll skip the "violations of constitutional rights" for being too vague, and because Deplorable Pride can't cite any examples with any level of knowledge beyond "Alex Jones says so!"

Supporting murderers and rapists? AG Sessions has reopened all the private prisons and assured their shareholders the federal judges will get back to three shifts to keep them full (he's also reviving the war on marijuana, which ought to worry DPers who like 420 with their swim parties).

"Support Communism"? 

Really? Communism has been over for thirty years. Even Albania gave it up. There's maybe three nations with Communist governments left, and with them it's just a brand for dictatorship, which has flourished through history, irrespective of party label.

"Support our enemies, not our Veterans?" Wrong again. The President has proclaimed the VA fixed, ISIS all but destroyed. North Korea the President has said might provoke him to think about something really bad, but he might not do it.

Our only real enemy is the President's best friend. And that of his family.

On the other hand, I can think of two things- out of many more- that voting liberal got LGBT Americans:

1. Federal research to turn HIV/AIDS from a weeks-away death sentence to a license to a manageable chronic condition. DP's conservative heroes were utterly opposed to that, even to the extent of trying to block the appointment of a gay member of President Reagan's grudging, last-minute AIDS Commission. They said the guy would just be a special rights advocate.

For all anyone knows, there may be DP members who are alive today to bite the hands that made survival possible, and cheerlead for the President's massive NIH budget cuts.

2. In a June 9 interview with As It Happens, a Canadian radio show, DP co-founder Brian Talbert recalled,
I have missed a few years but I actually marched in the very first Charlotte pride parade in 1994. And we had absolutely no supporters up and down the streets. There was no booths. There was nothing. We were just a few, maybe 50 people and we were told we were met with nothing but opposition the entire block we were going around. And we were thrown out as we were spit on and I marched in that march and everything, to get to 2017 to where the bathroom bill has just been repealed and then everything, and the first action was a gay group denying another group. It was like a slap in the face from everything from going from 1994 to now. It was it was like backwards for my gay life.
Every inch of progress Talbert celebrates in that comment was opposed by American conservatives. They are crowing now that Justice Gorsuch is the tool with which they will drive LGBT Americans back underground, if not into prison.

To claim otherwise is a lie, and we know- because he says so all the time- Brian Talbert is 100% truthful and transparent, or a delusion.

We report. You decide.

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