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Monday, July 24, 2017

For antigay conservatives, "shoe meets other foot" questions always pinch.

Pardon me, sir...he-he, that's a joke. Are you by chance 
an angry, incoherent Trump supporter?"

In The Federalist, a publication for lawyers who remember Edwin Meese III as a Jovian figure of ethical probity, a woman called Bre Payton is peeved:
In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, tech millionaire turned LGBTQ activist Tim Gill said he’s aiming to punish Christians who don’t want to participate in same-sex weddings. 
For more than two decades, the software programmer has poured an estimated $422 million into various gay rights causes. After the Supreme Court ruled gay marriage legal in all 50 states in 2015, Gill turned his attention and resources to targeting Christians. 
The election of Donald Trump, who claims to support gay rights but stocked his administration with anti-LGBTQ extremists, has only emboldened those looking to erase the gains of the past decade. Gill refuses to go on the defense. ‘We’re going into the hardest states in the country,’ he says. ‘We’re going to punish the wicked.’
That's way different, of course, than the comment of one kindred GOP spirit, Albemarle, NC-based gay Trump fanboy club Deplorable Pride's co-founder, Brian Talbert. He recently told his hometown paper he's targeting his own tribe for not electing him prom queen for Charlotte's Pride Parade next month:
“It’s easy for me to expose the gay left,” Talbert said. “The repressed has become the repressor. I’m enjoying every minute of it.”  
-Ritchie Starnes, "Local gay GOP and Trump supporter generates area, national headlines for LGBTQ group’s parade snub,"Stanly County News & Press, June 29, 2017

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