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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

It's July 4, and hyperpatriotic Deplorable Pride needs a press stunt. Badly.

Brian Talbert, the gay Trump fanboy from Albemarle, NC who does political drag as Deplorable Pride, launched a Pride Month vendetta against Charlotte Pride the first of June for denying him a drag queen patriotic Trump float.

So far his campaign features withdrawn plans for a ball, a drag pageant, and a picnic; a demand to be in the parade, followed by a rejection of any offer to be in the parade that might come later; a failed demand that parade sponsors pull out; a failed call for a boycott of sponsors to make them pull out; a call for Trump supporters to line "every foot" of the parade route with placards (that won't happen); a YouTube video show that didn't run when scheduled; a podcast that didn't run when scheduled; a hacked website and Facebook page; and a failed, no-stated-purpose gofundme campaign for $100,000 payable to Brian Talbert.

But he insists, 
I promise to be 100% truthful and transparent.

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