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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Deplorable Pride announces coming reign of terror in the name of freedom. Yeah, right.

Yesterday morning, Deplorable Pride leader Brian Talbert came down on the side of the Christianists, the Nazis, and the Klan:

Yesterday afternoon he underscored his point:

Let's get down to cases, Mr Talbert. Prove your claim. In complete sentences. With citations. We won't hold you to the ordinary standards of spelling and punctation, no need to expect the impossible.

Then give us a heads-up: how are you guys going to hold whom responsible?

Pretend we're North Korea. Tell us how big your missiles are.

Oh, FYI:

This is Democratic-spawned hate, apparently:
Joe.My.God adds the kicker:
All afternoon Trump supporters have been pumping out fake names on social media and claiming that the driver was actually a “Trump-hating leftist.” Fields is a registered Republican. So much for that.

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