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Thursday, August 10, 2017

"...Then the idiot who praises, with enthusiastic tone/All centuries but this, and every country but his own"

First George Will and Hugh Hewitt sloped off to MSNBC's Saturday Hell with Al Sharpton.

Now David Brooks wants out of the sewer he's been busily contributing to via PBS, NPR and The New Tork Times for decades:

...You see, although he is a real human person and although his job at The New York Times is to write about politics and culture, as a Conservative, during most of the 14 years he has been employed by the NYT (and during his previous stint as Managing Editor of The Weekly Standard) Mr. Brooks has rarely ever written about the actual politics and culture of the United States as they exist here-and-now.  This is because during his many decades as a Conservative/Republican columnist, much of the politics of the United States has been a long, steep downhill plunge from disaster to disaster due almost entirely to the seditious barbarism of the Republican Party and the Conservative Movement.

Which means that, other than the brief "Jewels of Nuance" period during the Age of Bush when Mr. Brooks (and every other Conservative writer) felt it was finally safe to let their inner Sean Hannity completely out and use their public platforms to heap unalloyed contempt and slander on the Dirty Libtards, Mr. Brooks has spent most of his career assiduously avoiding any actual, honest reportage on the state of Conservative politics and culture.

Instead, Mr. Brooks has been in the business of delighting his employers and media colleagues by spinning elaborate fairy tales about how cool the GOP used to be, or how terrific the GOP was going to be in the very near future, or how awesome it would be if we had a third party because both the Republicans and the Democrats sucked so hard.  It didn't really matter to his employers and colleagues in what order Mr. Brooks told his three basic lies, and it didn't really matter how quickly reality would overtake them and smash them to bits every single time.  All that mattered was that, whatever five-alarm shitfire the Republican Party was dancing nekkind around today shrieking about Kenyan Death Panels and Emails and Benghaaazi...Mr. Brooks' could be counted on to deliver 800 words of tapioca explaining that, somehow, Both Sides were always to blame.

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