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Thursday, August 10, 2017

“There are fascinating possibilities in this situation. I'd get it down on paper if I were you.”

Truscott: I'm no fool.
Fay: Your secret is safe with me.
-Joe Orton, Loot (1965)

Desperate for some earned media on July 26, Deplorable Pride's Brian Talbert lunged:

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -  After President Donald Trump announced via Twitter that transgender citizens would not be allowed to serve in the military, a Charlotte-based pro-LGBT GOP group has announced they support the decision.

“Banning transgender is the right thing for the nation, it’s the only thing that makes our military ready for battle,” said Brian Talbert, founder of group ‘Deplorable Pride,’ made up of LGBT supporters of President Trump in the greater Charlotte area.

““The taxpayers should not be footed for the bill for sexual reassignment surgery.”

Strong words from Talbert, who says he’s not only a champion for the LGBT community, but also part of it himself.

“Your sexual business is your sexual business,” he said. “But when my nation is ready for battle, your sexual orientation has no place in it, on the battlefield.”

Talbert says he supports President Trump and his decision to ban transgender Americans from military service.

The President announced the decision on Twitter Wednesday, citing 'tremendous medical costs and disruption.'

That's all the media they got. Now reduced to hawking a six-block counter-parade against Charlotte Pride's August 27 event, DP's habit of taking their cues from halfwits has bit them in the ass yet again:

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