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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Actually, they done come and gone-

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My member of Congress, Alma Adams, has some prize trolls on Facebook. All white, all angry, and nearly all oblivious to the value of spelling and complete, logical sentences in Making An Effective Case, they were out in force today, on the attack:

Lindsay Thompson: It's fun getting to see the regular #AdamsTrolls up on their hind legs to spew certain knowledge of unknown facts in semiliterate posts.#BlessYourHearts

Justin Potter: Don't just read the headline the story. This is a huge reach for something. No Americans knowingly participated. #AlmaMustGo

John Maze And the Russian trolling has begun.

Vic S. Shahid: Only when the news starts getting really hot on Trump related topics, you start seeing Russian bots like Lisa Wenzel and others get aggressively active with wild claims and distractions. Out local politicians do not receive any such protective cover fire . Their tactics are becoming easy to identify and detect.

Lisa Wenzel: And President Trump has nothing to do with it, and their interference did not affect the outcome of the election!!!

Kristi Rozzelle-Grier: Have reported once that they have not found one ounce of evidence that Trump colluded? Have reported once that there is a ton of one sided bias going on the FBI and DOJ???? Corruption corruption... you should be ashamed and should be asking lots of questions and demanding justice. Its the Dems doing it now... next time it could be the republicans. What will scream then?

David G Stout Jr: And once again they will find it was supported and financed by the lawless Democrats trying to buy the election for Killary!!

Robert Knobel: And they will find that they worked for Obama and Hillary so yes please do that;) love seeing your party drown itself

Steve Sloan: Legalize marijuana

Michael Prater: This article stated Russians ran advertising and marketing campaigns against Hillary Clinton which “helped trump” even though they didn’t run a republican advertisement or campaign. Tons of media outlets do this, why can’t they? Oh because they used fa...See More

Chris Todd: The indictment says the accused tried to spread distrust of certain candidates (Hillary Clinton) and distrust of the political system in general.

Anybody who thinks we needed the Russians to drive up the distrust of our system and of Hillary Clinton is a moron, she and the system did just fine on their own.

I'm looking forward to listening to these know-it-alls explain how the Russian operatives were operating in our back yard:

The Charlotte Observer, February 16, 2018:

Russian conspiracy targeted Charlotte and North Carolina, Mueller indictment says

As the largest city in a pivotal swing state, Charlotte and North Carolina became targets of Russian operatives accused Friday of attempting to disrupt the 2016 presidential election.

Special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s 37-page indictment charges more than a dozen Russian nationals and businesses of attempting to defraud the United States by using “fraud and deceit for the purpose of interfering with the U.S. political and electoral system, including the presidential election of 2016.”

...Prosecutors say Charlotte and greater North Carolina did not escape the conspiracy. According to the indictment:

▪ @Ten_GOP, a Twitter account started by the Russian conspirators, which at one time attracted more than 100,000 followers, started posting phony allegations in August 2016 that voter-fraud investigations had been launched in North Carolina.

▪ After Donald Trump carried the state and was the surprise winner of the November 2016 election, Russian conspirators posing as grass-roots activists helped arrange a Nov. 19 rally in Charlotte called “Charlotte Against Trump.”

The indictment says similar rallies in support of Trump were staged by the group in other U.S. cities. All were designed to foment discontent throughout the country, the indictment says.

The Charlotte Observer, November 19, 2016:

Anti-Trump protesters in Charlotte seek protection for its ‘vulnerable communities’

Andrew Fede uses a megaphone to talk to attendees at the Charlotte Against Trump rally in Marshall Park on Saturday, Nov. 19, 2016.

With President-elect Donald Trump poised to take office in January, local and state officials should take action now to protect North Carolina's “vulnerable communities.”

That was the call from a diverse group of peaceful protesters Saturday, who gathered for a Charlotte Against Trump rally in Marshall Park. With attendees representing black, white, Muslim, immigrant and LGBTQ communities, speakers said their groups are the same ones targeted by Trump during his campaign.

“We believe Donald Trump when he says he's going to build a wall. We believe him when he says he's going to ban Muslims. We believe him when he talks about taking away a woman's right to choose,” said organizer Andrew Fede, one of the founders of Millennials for Hillary and president and founder of a group called Young Professionals and Leaders.

...Anti-Trump protests have cropped up in U.S. cities and internationally since his election on Nov. 8. Charlotte’s version on Saturday drew about 100 people and included speakers and a march from the park to the EpiCentre.

The “cries, fear, shock, disbelief and confusion” many have felt since the election is the result of not paying attention, speaker and Charlotte native Pamela Melissa Thomas said.

“Many residents of Charlotte and North Carolina closed their eyes to the racism that we faced in our state,” she said.

“Wake up...It’s no longer, ‘if we ignore it, it will go away.’ ”

Charlotte attorney Kimberly Owens also urged “reaching out across the aisle” and talking to people who think differently.

“There’s a whole lot of people who saw what they wanted in him,” Owens said “We don’t know that if we close ourselves off.”

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