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Friday, March 9, 2018

Popcorn, anyone? North Carolina Republicans claim to support a gay legislative candidate

Here's a fascinating news item: the executive director of the North Carolina told me today that Gays for Trump Head Fanboy Peter Boykin is being fully embraced as the GOP candidate for NC House District 58.

Covering a story on Boykin's announcement in The Washington Blade, I posted this tease:

Woodhouse wasted no time in replying:

This will be so much fun to watch. The North Carolina Republican party is about as homophobic as Republicans get. Their 2016 candidate for attorney general, Buck Newton, campaigned to "keep North Carolina straight!"

The man Boykin wants to swear fealty to, North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore, has been harassing LGBT Tar Heels for a quarter of a century.

In the House GOP caucus, 40 members voted to retain a ban on any LGBT anti-discrimination laws or ordinances in its fake repeal of HB2; another 33 voted to keep HB2 in place as it was originally passed.

The party's de facto elected leader, Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, would be mute if he didn't have the gays to spend eight years bashing until he runs for governor in 2020.

Charlotte-area residents, of course, got treated to a sense of GOP support in 2017, when the Mecklenburg County party claimed to back an even tinier gay Trump club after a White House staffer called its then cochair to express interest in Deplorable Pride's utterly incompetent campaign to force a Trump float into the Charlotte Pride Parade. 

Both the county party and The White House were never heard from again, and Deplorable Pride, having milked saps for $7700 on money that vanished, unaccounted- is now a claque of Facebook trolls.

Boykin's candidacy offers a rare- if not unique- opportunity to test the notion of gay Trumpism in an election and, if he wins, in the General Assembly.

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