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A Gardener's Diary

This is an occasional feature I wrote for another, now-euthanized blog, Waldo At Home. It had a modest following and I had a request to save the old entries. So rare is any comment on anything I post, I could hardly say no.

I make no claims to any expertise or insight. These are just passing thoughts on life and dirt. The most I can say is they are a barometer of sorts to my moods. When I write more, I am generally happier than when I write less. But that's just me, not a reason to read any.


I know it by ear, February 6

Signs & Divinations, January 28

"You'd be so lean, that blasts of January/would blow you through and through," January 6


Chillin' in the Winter Garden, December 2

A bit of cheer for the journey through the bleak season, November 27

Tiny Birds and Extended Dog Days, August 22

My New Excuse, August 18

Dog Days, July 28

Farmer Giles, the ham, July 24

It's Old Guys Mowing Day in the 'hood, June 30

Busy Skies, April 17

Spring, sprung, April 9

Grandiose plans yield to creaky knees, March 2

Mice on ice end up as in-flight meals, February 15

Signs of life, January 31


Year's End, December 30

Eeyore tidies up for winter, December 18

Water's rising and the Ark Experience is still under construction, November 9

Closing up for the season, October 18

Can't beat the heat, August 1

Amazing events in inner- and outer- space, July 14

'maters, July 12

Abandon hope, all ye who garden here, July 7

A thunderstorm so good, it gave an encore, June 20

Dreams of Streams, June 19

The Great Time Suck, June 17

Spring evening, after a rain, June 2

Miss Lawrence's Birthday, from Henry Bemis Books, May 27

Foraging, May 17

Life's for the birds, May 10

It's been a quiet week in the outdoors, April 27

Catbird, seat nearby. Rain? Endless, April 19

You learn something new every day, April 15

Saturday sneezefest- and, what's in a name?, April 12

As the worm turns, April 9

Tuesday, April 7

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