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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Canadian seniors demand more exercise; Conservative government obliges

In an attempt to cut costs, Canada Post has announced plans to scrap all home deliveries, making Canada the first country in the G20 to be without a door-to-door service. Once the cuts are implemented, only some business addresses will get post through the letter box – not even residents of cities such as Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal will receive mail at home.
Already a significant proportion of Canadians have to collect their post from communal collection points, often quite far from their homes in parks or on the streets. Beginning this autumn, Canada Post will roll out a five-year plan to institute community mailboxes across the country...
The boss of Canada Post, Deepak Chopra, defended the move, saying the boxes would give senior citizens some exercise. "Seniors are telling me that 'I want to be healthy, I want to be active in my life,'" Chopra said, brushing off the criticisms.

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  1. So-o-o, Canada also has third world inclinations?

    Old Jill