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Monday, May 12, 2014

Doubling down

"Many Americans were grossed out by the spectacle of two men kissing on TV. Many were appalled by what was obviously a staged event to push an agenda. Over the last few years, the NFL has become much more of an arm of the political left. From the Baltimore Ravens pitching Obamacare to the NFL’s implied threats to move the Super Bowl from Arizona if Governor Jan Brewer did not veto Arizona’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the NFL is acting like an arm of Organizing for Obama. Perhaps it is time for real Americans to say enough. If the NFL wants to be political, then it can be. We don’t have to watch the NFL and we should ask our Senators and Congressmen why the NFL remains a tax-exempt organization?" - Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips. 
PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Judson Phillips suggests using pure heroin for executions. Judson Phillips says that Arizonans arenow the slaves of homosexuals. Judson Phillips claims one million Democrats voted twice in 2012. 

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