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Monday, July 7, 2014

-and no cackling this time

The Guardian's John Crace can save you a packet on books with his Digested Reads.

Here's the opener to Crace's She-Clinton Opus:

All of us face hard choices in life. My hardest was how to find the time to write my presidential election manifesto for 2016. Luckily, Simon & Schuster provided the money and three interns were assigned to remember the thoughts I may have had during my four years as secretary of state.

It was the evening of 5 June 2008, and I was heading to a meeting with Barack Obama – not the one I had hoped for or expected. I'd lost the race to be party leader and he'd won, but now was not the time to dwell on the fact that he had run a particularly unpleasant personal campaign against me and my family. Now was the time to unite the Democratic party for the sake of the United States of America in its time of need.
"I'm not going to kid you," said Barack. "I don't much like you or your husband. But you are dangerous enemies, so I'd like to keep a close eye on you – which is why I am appointing you secretary of state." My first inclination was to sulk and say no, but then I remembered it was my duty to self-serve my country. I talked it over with Bill. Or Billionaire as I sometimes called him in bed. [Nice intimate detail, Hills. More of these, please.] Bill was as supportive as he had always been throughout my career. "It's going to be tough, babe," he said. "But were broke before when I left office, and I don't mind if we're broke again. If I have to cut down my $200,000-per-hour speaking engagements to twice a week, then so be it...."

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