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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

But it needs people like me to direct it in ideologically consistent, yet mass audience-pleasing, ways

What's more, Affleck has the biggest head of any host in the history of SNL. Really.

Adam (In Praise of Nepotism) Bellow thinks conservatives need their own pop culture because he doesn't see enough things like this:
The funniest thing I’ve seen in years was Ben Affleck’s 2008 Saturday Night Live parody of Keith Olbermann, the ├╝ber-serious MSNBC pundit who was then at the height of his influence. Look it up on YouTube if you missed it. Affleck captured Olbermann to a “T,” and what made you literally suck in your breath as you watched was the skit’s transgressive nature. You just couldn’t believe a liberal actor was taking on a liberal journalistic icon in this way. Yet anyone could see that the target was ripe for a takedown.

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