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Thursday, July 17, 2014

"Only Bermuda here is the grass..."

Here's how to write a newspaper article with a hook
Big, leafy oaks shade the streets in and around Dilworth, a genteel Charlotte neighborhood of historic homes with big porches and an ambience of understated affluence. 
A tour of the environs might start at the stately brick home of Paula Broadwell. You remember her from a few scandals ago, right? The biographer/mistress of Gen. David Petraeus? Rielle Hunter, the videographer/mistress of former Sen. John Edwards, lived a short drive away. 
And then there’s the small, rented brick townhouse on the corner with the sticky front door. A lumbering man with a vaguely familiar face stands waiting there. His presence gives this stretch of North Carolina’s largest city the aura of a Bermuda Triangle of National Scandal. 
Webb Hubbell — the Arkansas Clinton buddy who went to prison in the 1990s after getting caught up in the interminable Kenneth Starrinvestigation of the incomprehensible Whitewater affair — has lived here quietly the past few years since shedding his old life in Washington. Almost no one recognizes Hubbell anymore, or they’re too polite to say so...

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