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Saturday, April 11, 2015

As of this posting, the O'Connor/Stutzman Haul is up to a million.

Barronelle Stutzman, the martyred florist of the Washington deserts, is clearly wired in with Talking Points Central. In this April 10 interview, she explains how love means not having to know what you're talking about:
What’s your reaction to the controversy surrounding Indiana’s adoption of a law designed to protect religious freedom in the state?I think it is sad that it has come to this. I am not an expert on the law, but my understanding is that this is a law that protects your religious freedom, not a law that says you can discriminate. 
People have made this into something it’s not, and have taken it way out of context. It is not a law that says you can decline goods and services to those who identify as gay. In my case, I have employed and served all kinds of people in my shop, whether they are gay, straight, lesbian or bisexual.
“This is acceptable language … it’s a good bill,” Santorum said. “I’m not a legal scholar, but I can tell you the way that the previous laws have been ruled [on], that they have not provided any type of legal protection for [discrimination].”
On another front, Ms. Stutzman opined the Memories Pizza family:
Given what you’ve been through, what would you tell the owners of Memories Pizza in Indiana who received threats after telling reporters they would not cater a same-sex wedding?
I feel very badly and sad for them, that they have to go through this. This was not just a hypothetical question, it was an ambush. When you start getting threats on your life, threats to destroy your business, because you have a religious conviction about marriage, then something is terribly wrong with our perspective on individual freedom.

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