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Monday, April 20, 2015

In which Brian Brown pulls a crowdfunding miracle out of his...hat

National Organization for Marriage's Beg for Bus Fare campaign on has all the feel of a rigged game.

Yesterday Brian Brown's and John Eastman's personal cash cow- he get a $500k salary; Eastman boiled through $691k to get a $50k settlement from the IRS- was just shy of $20,000 to hire buses to bring poor marriage restrictors and heterosexual serial divorcers to his Saturday Supreme Court Rally of Haters.

24 hours later and, praise Jesus! $14,740 came in, $10,000 of it from one donor. Considering that NOM has three supporters who give them 90+% of the money they waste, it's not hard to guess from who this miraculous largess came.

57 new donors bellied up, including one sap so inspired by the couple who tossed their new home down payment into a Greyhound, she sent Wad #3 of her cash to Brian's Bus Brigade.

Next ti that, it's a waste of space to report that Barronelle Stutzman, the brave homophobe who has put 3% of her sales revenue at hazard not supplying sticks and twigs to gay weddings. Gramma B only gulled 6 new pigeons for $590.

The racist deli owner Jimbo Boggess (we only use white mayo), suckered ten bigots into giving him $250 today.

The running totals, and backstory, are here.

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