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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

NOM makes bus fare, but the florist is flagging and the bigot is booming in online begging race

National Organization for Marriage cracked its $40,000 goal by $119 yesterday. That's for the 20-bus caravan of the poor Brian Brown wants you to send to DC for his anti-equality rally Saturday.

As we noted yesterday, this campaign has a whiff of rigged-ness about it.

And if Brown is on the virtual street corner with an alms bowl, why is a New York state senator saying Brown has promised him 117 buses?

Taking a bit of the shine off NOM's weekend clambake is the backhand it got from the Supreme Court yesterday over its efforts to intervene in Oregon's marriage equality litigation.

Oh? The the other martyrs? Well, Barronelle Stutzman's gofundme page limps along about $500 a day. Yesterday she hit $173,310. Jumbo Boggess, the racist deli owner, is up to $1875.

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