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Sunday, June 21, 2015

How does that make you feel?

Leaders of some of South Carolina's 19 white supremacy groups are joining the growing crowd of amateur Freudians explaining away Dylann Storm's murder spree in Charleston. This will make us victims, they say, it will make us look bad. We don't shoot up churches. Besides, he wasn't one of us. He was "a drug-addled kid."

Thought bubble: No, you just burn them.

So here, as a public service, is a current list of reasons public figures have given for Storm's  massacre:

Jeb Bush: I don't know.

Rick Perry: It was a mistake. He was on prescription drugs.

NRA Board Member Charles Cotton: The pastor- a state senator- caused his parishioners' deaths and his own by supporting gun control legislation.

Martin Luther King, Jr.'s niece, Alveda: It's because we allow abortion. owner/commentator Erik Erikson: It's becayuse we tolerate transgender people.

Lindsey Graham: It's because he wanted to go out and kill some Christians.

Rick Santorum: It's because he wanted to destroy religious liberty.

Governor Nikki Haley: We were just named America's friendliest state. Of course I want the death penalty for him.

Bishop E.W. Jackson/National Review/Mike Huckabee: The shooter was the only person in the sanctuary packing heat.

Radio commentator Michael Savage: It could be anything- "Was he a crazed racist? A programmed killer set loose by the government? Was it the suboxone, a known violence-inducing drug he was likely on courtesy of the AMA (American Medical Association)? Is his father a nut?" 

John Kasich: It was racism.

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