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Sunday, June 21, 2015

You call it torture, I call it redemptive rescue

Maggie Gallagher, who makes a good living chairing groups like the one funding the defense team in New Jersey, is peeved:
By some mysterious providence, three things happened in the past few weeks: Rachel Dolezal was outed as a white woman. Bruce Jenner was lauded as a white woman. And in a New Jersey consumer-fraud case against JONAH (Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing), the Southern Poverty Law Center has spent millions to deprive any future New Jerseyans of the basic right even to try to change their sexual orientation.
This is Lego-talk: instead of logic- in its, well, "logical" sense, it's just memes bolted together to produce a vague sense of agreement- and aggrievement.

It's always chuckle-fodder to read people who devote their productive lives to denying rights, or taking them away, complaining that they can't have even more. And nowhere, in her article, does Maggie Gallagher reveal her direct involvement in the case she writes about. Fair and balanced? You decide.

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